Benjamin Galiher is a 7th grade student  who is a baseball fanatic and a devout fan of the Chicago Cubs. Each winter he eagerly waits for the spring thaw and his first baseball practice. This year, however, Benjamin is taking on a new challenge. In January 2021 he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia or A.L.L.

To get the care Benjamin requires, the Galiher family must split their time between Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis and Beacon Children’s Hospital in South Bend. There are many challenges beyond just working to get healthy. The family must consider travel and lodging arrangements. Each day, each meeting with a physician, each test can be emotionally challenging and instantly change the next course of action.   A typical daily routine no longer exists. Each Day Benjamin needs to B Strong and fight. Challenges will continue to arise, and our community will continue to help.

B Strong exists to allow the untold number of supporters to uplift Benjamin and his family. With enough support, B Strong will be able to help many families affected by pediatric cancer.

Please consider purchasing a B Strong shirt to show your support, or send a message with a gift in the donation section.

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